uring all that years I have gathered a lot of experience and knowledge. By my side was my love for style and make up, as well as my “Do It Yourself” projects that have turned my everyday life into a colourful adventure. Over the years, my hobby became a passion and because I really have enough to share with you I decided to give a life to my beauty blog.|nl||nl|What my blog is about: skin and hair care tips, reviews on beauty products, make up and beauty tips, “Do It Yourself” projects, experimenting with fashion trends, and everything what we enjoy and is part of our life … And as I said – Never stop doing what you enjoy! Life is not only about beauty, make up and fashion trends – life is work, music, delicious food, sports, poetry and love … everything that surrounds us, everything that makes us happy and makes us smile … Why should we have only one favourite colour, when we can have all of them?